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Cromer House Dental Practice are pleased to offer a referral service should the need arise. We understand that it is not always easy to hand your patient to another dentist and feel 100% confident, However we promise that we will take the best possible care of your patient as we do with our own before returning them to your care. All referred patients will always be discharged back to your care. We do not have the facilities nor manpower to provide general dentistry on a continuing basis.

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    Dental surgeonDental hygienist / therapistGeneral medical practitioner

    Reasons for referral

    Emergency visits - does your patient require urgent attention for any of the following?

    InvisalignImplantsCBCT ScansWhitening

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    GDPR and consent

    Please read carefully and indicate consent where appropriate.

    It is normally more convenient during long treatments to co-ordinate hygienist appointments in-house. However, at the end of treatment, we will refer the patient back to your hygienist with notes on recommended home care unless you would prefer for us to look after the patient's future hygiene. It is normally a condition of our 5 year guarantee that the patient sees the hygienist at prescribed intervals during the year.

    All patients will be returned to your care at the end of treatment with a closing letter and we will actively decline to provide all non-essential treatment outside the remit of your referral without consulting you first.

    With your permission we would like to recall the patient at yearly intervals for a review and follow up and audit of our work.

    Consent for your referred patient's care at Cromer House Dental Care - please tick as required:

    I consent to Cromer House Dental Care contacting the above patient for the purpose of consultation and treatment as detailed aboveI consent to Cromer House Dental Care carrying out all appropriate treatment as agreed with my patientI consent to Cromer House Dental Care carrying out hygiene during treatmentI would prefer to continue hygiene care on my patient after treatment has been completedI would prefer hygiene visits to continue at Cromer House Dental Care after completion of treatmentI consent to Cromer House Dental Care continuing to recall my patient for review appointments as advised after end of treatment

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