Private treatment fees

Private Fees

When you attend for an examination at our dental practice, we will discuss your treatment and options. We will also discuss costs with you as there may be several choices with different costs.

Below is a list of the most popular treatments and of course, you will receive a full breakdown of expected costs before you commence your treatment. Occasionally unforeseen changes can occur as your treatment progresses and we will always inform you if this happens.

We offer several options for payment, including finance options.

Private Fee List 2019 Price

Routine Examination
Adults & Children over 12 yrs
An extensive assessment of your mouth including oral
cancer screening and appraisal of the gingival (gum) tissue.


Radiographic Assessment (x-rays)
Small films
Dental panoramic tomograph
CT Scan (per arch)


Oral Hygiene Therapies
Simple Scaling with air polishing (dentist)
Simple Scaling with air polishing (therapist)
Deep Scaling and surface cleaning with air polishing (therapist)
Perio Treatment 1 (dentist)
Perio Treatment 2 (dentist)


Restoration of teeth
Composite Bonded Resin (tooth coloured fillings)
Composite Bonding (Cosmetic)

From £105.00 to £150.00
£300.00 per tooth

Root canal treatment
Single root
2 canals
3 canals


Complex (surgical)

from £150.00 – £180.00

Crowns, Bridges, & Veneers

Metal based semi precious crown
Emax/Zirconia crown (posterior)
Ultra Customised Signature Crown (anterior)
Emax/Zirconia Bridge (per unit)
Ultra Customised Signature Crown
Emax/Zirconia Porcelain Veneers
Diagnostic wa-up
Temporary Bridge
Laboratory Made Temporary Bridge

Recementation of Crowns
Recemenation of Bridge
Recementation of Implants

£595.00 – £660.00
£595.00 – £660.00
£595.00 – 660.00


Partial upper or lower Acrylic Denture (1-3 Teeth)
Full upper or lower Acrylic Denture (4+ Teeth)
Full upper or lower Acrylic Denture
Partial upper or lower Cobalt Chrome Denture
Partial Upper or lower Flexible Valplast Denture
Full set of Flexible Valplast Dentures

£280.00 – £450.00
Approx £750.00
Approx £650.00


Dental Implants
Single Implant Abutment, crown & CT scan
Bone grafting
Soft Tissue Grafting
All on 4– Includes Chrome cobalt hybrid prosthesis With advanced polymer technology

per arch £11,900.00


Orthodontic Treatment
Iman Aligner

One Arch £1920.00
For further details on Orthodontic treatment and Implants, Please ask our reception staff who will be happy to book you in for a FREE consultation.

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